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Self Discipline Is The Route To Becoming The Best

Typically the factors that affect one's self esteem stems from the Pianoforall environment and situations where one grows up in. Parents are perhaps the major contributors to our feelings of adequacy or lack thereof. Their actions help to mould our perceptions of ourselves. If they criticize us to much it becomes engraved in our psyche to the point that we believe the criticism. Comparing us with others can also detrimentally affect us especially if the other person is put up as a model and we are found lacking. While our parents may have seen this as a justification in order to help us in building self esteem by making us work to reach that level it tends to backfire - leaving us more critical of ourselves and our self worth. Parents are parents but even if they know how to improve self esteem in their children often the way they go about it can work against rather than for the children. I hope that you found this information useful and if you would like more information on ways to live healthy, then please visit my healthy living web site where you will find great information to help you live a long and healthy life.